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Smart home devices

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What is a smart home?

You can define a smart home as one that’s equipped with connected devices that can be controlled remotely using a smartphone. That includes being able to control your home’s lighting, the temperature of individual rooms, turning devices on or off, and various smart security products. All you need is a Wi-Fi or phone connection to make changes through your smart home app or voice control and you’re ready to go.

Run your home more efficiently

Whether you’re new to smart home devices or you’re looking to add more capabilities to what you already have, we’ve got you covered. Making your home smarter and more connected can help make everything run more smoothly and in tune with your lifestyle.

Benefits of a smarter home

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Helps you reduce wasted energy

Heat only the rooms you need and switch off forgotten lights or devices from anywhere.

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Convenience of a smart ecosystem

Turn the lighting and heating on remotely so you can come back to a warm, cosy home during those winter months.

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Improve your home’s security

Motion-triggered lights and cameras help you check who’s in or outside your home. Monitor it all in real time from your smartphone.

Where to smarten your home

Smart home technology doesn’t have to be confined to just one room in the home. It can be used to elevate your household and give you greater control over your energy use. Discover how smart tech could upgrade your home and which rooms would benefit.

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1. Smart thermostat

Control your heating and hot water — set the perfect schedule to fit in with your routine.

2. Smart radiator valves

Only heat the rooms you are using with room-by-room temperature controls, and you’ll have the ability to control everything using your smart devices.

3. Smart plugs

Make any of your home appliances smart with one of these plugs. Forever leaving the iron on? With a smart plug you can check in and switch off should you need to.

4. Smart light bulbs

Set the mood in moments with the touch of a button, or even by using your voice. Smart bulbs allow you to get the perfect ambience for any night in. Energy efficient bulbs can also help you to reduce your lighting bills.

5. Smart cameras

Whether you need to make sure everyone’s home safely or you’re busy and need a package left at the door, a smart security camera offers motion settings, two-way audio, and can be linked to your smart home ecosystem.

Simply owning smart tech for the home doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll automatically save money on your bills. However, it’ll give you better insight into your energy consumption and give you greater control in the home, allowing you to make smarter, money-saving choices.

"We have more control over when the heating is on or off and we can easily adjust it to suit our lifestyle."

Stephen, Northampton

Did you know…

More than one in six users control their smart device from outside their home on a daily basis - The Eco Experts

The average household could save between 14-31% off their heating bill by installing a smart thermostat - The Eco Experts

Turning a home into a smart home could save the average British household around 30% off their bills. This would be a saving of around £450 a year - The Eco Experts

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