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Grants and funding

Discover the savings that can be made when creating an efficient home that’s powered by cleaner energy

The Government’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions means there are several grants and schemes available to help lower the cost of creating a cleaner, energy-efficient home. The grants available can depend on location. Use the buttons below to select where you live, what renewable energy grant you’re looking for, and we’ll show you what grants are available.

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0% VAT on energy-saving materials like solar panels until 2027

Pay 0% VAT on energy-saving materials such as; solar panels, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, draught stripping, insulation, wood-fuelled boilers, micro combined heat and power units, and controls for central heating and hot water systems.

The 0% rate will save the average home £240 on new solar panels.

0% VAT on a battery if installed with solar panels

Get a solar battery with 0% VAT if it’s installed at the same time as solar panels.

VAT will be applied to the price of the battery if solar panels are already installed.

Your installer will be responsible for charging you the correct rate of VAT.

Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

The SEG is a tariff which allows solar panel owners to receive payments for exporting any excess electricity they generate.